Automation applications -  Speed, quality, and cost-efficiency

The automation applications are based on product platforms tailored to customers’ requests, making use of modularity to shorten delivery times. With Cencorp’s products, customers are able to increase their production volume, improve quality and achieve significant cost savings. Cencorp products are user friendly and reliable and only top-quality components are used in their manufacturing.

Laser Applications

Cencorp laser workstations are designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. We manufacture standard and custom-built laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling and laser micromachining workstations for stand-alone and in-line production. Cencorp laser systems integration combines tens of years of experience in the field of laser materials processing and production automation, which results in products that meet the needs of industrial laser processing and the demands of today's high volume mass-production.

Special Components

In Special Component production, Cencorp provides excellent quality, with flexible production and fast lead-times. We work together with our customers to ensure optimum efficiency and output. 

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