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Cencorp and FTTK Company Limited have in September 2014 signed an agreement according to which FTTK acquires a majority shareholding in the electronics automation business of Cencorp. FTTK is an investment company specializing in capital investments in industrial automation. The company is based in Hong Kong.

After departing from its automation business of selling, building and designing standard machinery for the electronic industry the Finnish public company Cencorp Oyj has focused its operations on clean technology, especially on solar electricity.

Cencorp’s future business is fully based on its own innovative technology. The company has developed an efficient and cost effective photovoltaic (PV) module based on back contact. Cencorp is taking advantage of its extensive automation expertise of more than 30 years in the development of automated production lines for solar modules. A fully automated production line designed by Cencorp enables profitable module production regardless of labor costs, close to the final installation site.

Please, find Cencorp´s laser and automation applications and the service and maintenance at www.cencorpautomation.com.



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